Introducing our latest hoodie collection featuring two standout pieces: 'Element Grey' and 'Dark Knight.' Crafted to perfection, 'Element Grey' boasts a weighty 450gsm French terry fabric, ensuring ultimate comfort and durability. Meanwhile, 'Dark Knight' stands out with its faded black wash and a hefty 500gsm material, exuding an edgy yet timeless vibe.

Stay tuned for the surprise addition to our lineup, the 'Blue Ocean' hoodie, promising to make waves with its captivating design and premium craftsmanship. Like its predecessors, it combines style and comfort seamlessly, featuring our signature logo in a striking 3D effect on the front and an expressive slogan on the back, accompanied by our iconic hands motif.

With our hoodies, we continue to blur the lines between high fashion and streetwear, offering statement pieces that resonate with both the fashion-forward and the urban explorer.