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#TRUSTALKS - Balmain's Collection Disappeared Just Days Before Paris Fashion Week!

In a shocking turn of events, 50 pieces from Balmain's latest collection have been stolen 2 weeks before the show. 🤔 Can you believe it? A truck carrying the garments was hijacked on its way to the Balmain headquarters.    
Balmain's creative director, Olivier Rousteing, expressed on Instagram, lamenting the disrespect shown to him and his hardworking team. But don't worry, they're already working on recreating the stolen looks. We call that: dedication! Celebrities and other fashion brands have expressed their support for Balmain, with Donatella Versace sending her love and encouragement. For us in TRUSTALKS we think It's heartwarming to see the fashion community come together in this time of crisis 👏🫶.
 However, the real mystery here is the motivation behind the theft. Why would someone steal clothes that haven't even hit the runway or the market 😂 ? What do they plan to do with them? Sell them? Please, as if anyone would buy stolen Balmain pieces. It's just stupid😂.  

So, while Balmain assures us that their upcoming show will go on as planned, we can only wonder what their spring-summer 2024 collection will look like. Will they reference the stolen pieces or pretend like it never happened??
🤔🤔The suspense is killing us here. This mystery is far from over, folks.


Stay tuned. #TRUSTALKS 



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